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AAITRACK Vehicle Tracking System

Personal, Commercial Vehicle & School Bus Tracking

Home-Connect Smart House System

A Smart Home Solution.

Bike Tracker

Bike Tracking and Monitoring System

Industrial Plant Automation

SKY Connect

Personal Tracking & Safety

Personal Tracking System for Womens,Kids and Senior Citizens

Smart Public Transport & Information System

A Smart Transport Solution.

and more...

The solution has been developed kept the user in mind hence it provides various modes to get alerts and notifications so that user can actually get these without any delay such as alerts on mobile numbers as SMS and alerts on Email too. Our system design allow user to send these alerts on multiple email ids and mobile numbers.

Aai ON wishes to be with user as a friend in need is friend indeed. In case of lost of vehicle, user can immobilize the vehicle by just sending a secret code or call our user support centre available 24X7 for assistance on Toll Free 1800-120-9171. Thus getting the vehicle back is like getting your good exchange in mart.

Tracking and Streaming Realtime Vehicle Location on a Map. You can follow you on a map by just select the vehicle and start tracking. Using live real-time GPS tracking data.

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Meet owners with hundreds of aaiTrack for their vehicles.

Reliable Vehicle Tracking System

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